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Top 12 YouTube Channels for Learning Gaming Tricks

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YouTube is one of the top ranking videos watching website all over the world and has videos related to almost everything. If you are a gamer, likes to play games or want to learn new tricks of gaming there are some YouTube channels you should subscribe and learn some cool stuff.


Many professional and non-professional gamers have created their YouTube channel and have different exciting videos for the audience who love games. There are reviews of new and old games on their channel, some tips, and tricks, as well as they, rate different games according to their likings.

Just like any other cooking, fashion or makeup channel these gamers provide you all the details of the gaming world and keep you updated with the latest new and happening in the gaming.

1. Gaming


This an official YouTube channel for games and have millions of subscriber. People who love games and are professional or unprofessional have subscribed to this YouTube channel. This channel has all the latest news about gaming and games and has lots of gaming tricks to teach.

2. Freedom

The freedom has similar features like the VouStudio but has a better reputation when it comes to the gaming and channel partnership. They are more reliable and responsive as well as the freedom is growing in terms of subscriber and gamers.

3. WatchMojo

WatchMojo is a YouTube channel which is not totally gaming oriented but has other lot of cool stuff and videos for their subscribers. They also have a lot of videos related to the gaming and teaching new and old gaming tricks. This YouTube channel has a verity of other videos which will not let you get bored and keeps you updated with new things.

4. SeaNanners Gaming Channel


This YouTube channel is run by a team of game lovers who turn gaming to next level and very funny as well. These guys have their own videos and lots of animated stuff while a fun and interesting channel for the gamers and game lover. Other than that this channel helps you learn gaming tricks to improve your games as well.

5. Mr. Fruit Gaming Channel

This is one of the gaming channels which are totally dedicated to the gaming and games. This team fully explains the games and shows you a way to get more score and points in that particular game. These guys also show good tricks for better performance in the game.

6. PopularMMOs

This YouTube channel is dedicated to the Minecraft games and has all the games and game tricks for the Modded Mini-Game. The owners of this YouTube channel focus in the block race and games and have lots of videos related to it, you can find videos on this sector in this channel more than any other YouTube channel.

7. ScaleLab

The Scalelab is one of the gaming channels which treat you like family. This channel is a small network but much more reliable than the network that gets a partnership with other channels. They provide help related to gaming as well as for your channel and gaming skills.

8. Machinima


This is another YouTube channel which is run by a group of friends who loves games and shows you latest games, reviews, easy way to play it, ways to score better in any game and also provides tricks of games as well.

9. TGN

This YouTube channel has videos related to the games and gamers. They focus on the rankings and making a list of particular categories such as a top list of different types of games and other factors for their audience. This way this channel shows multiple games in one video.

10. EdisonPts

This YouTube channel is Russian based and the language is also Russian. Although they have very good information and trick to teach about gaming but only if you know Russian.

11. UpUpDownDown

This YouTube channel is very good for the best cheat codes you can find on the YouTube as well as this channel have lots of WWE superstars and you are a fan you must subscribe to this gaming YouTube channel.

12. Minecraft – Topic

This YouTube channel is also dedicated to the Minecraft games and have lots of videos related to this games including all the details a player required for playing this game.


Typical Gamer


This is another good YouTube channel for the gamers who shows a lot of informative videos related to games and have a good variety of games and related knowledge about it. This channel also has tricks for gaming which helps the gamers to play better.

Curse-Union for Gamer

This channel focus on the gaming and good news are there is no lock-in which means that there is no limit for you to leave and you can leave the channel whenever you want. This channel has many new and information related to the gaming tricks and tips.

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