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Top 15 Wedding Planning Apps for Your Big Day

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There are many details that need monitoring to arrange a marriage: professionals, deadlines, budgets, beyond the emotional state of the couple. Hence the importance of wedding apps is considerable. Developers have designed a lot of apps for wedding planning for different phases and time periods out of which the best 20 apps are discussed below:


1. The Knot Wedding Planner
This personal wedding planner allows monitoring every month the preparations for the big day. For convenience, the app gives you wedding ideas from dresses to venues. In addition to the checklist, it also helps the budget organization and preparing the guest list. The app automatically syncs with your tools and account on It is available for iPhone, iPad and devices with Android system for free.

2. WeddingHappy


With this application you can know how many days are left in your wedding. No need to login or connect with social networks, task lists, guests and suppliers are integrated with your calendar and address book for easy management. You can still change the wedding date without resetting the application. The WeddingHappy is free and available for iPhone and iPad at the Apple Store.

3. Wedding LookBook by the Knot
It offers over 5000 models of wedding dresses, can be searched by designer, price range and style. You can mark your favorite dresses, inform your measurements and get directions on which models are best suited. To try on dresses, you can photograph them and keep among your favorites, in the application itself. The application can be downloaded free for iPhone.

4. Wedding Planning Complete


One of the most complete for event management brings a “Things to Do” from announcing the engagement to the family to file the payments made. The highlight, incidentally, is the same for the part of budgets, dividing the total amount of estimates for individual categories such as music and stationery, as well as showing how much was planned and what was actually spent.

5. Wedding Plandroid
To manage a list of over a hundred items that are part of the planning for the wedding, the application presents four categories: budget, suppliers, guests and tasks. It can schedule appointments and set reminders that will appear on the mobile screen or tablet. If the date of the ceremony and the party is already set, the app still does a countdown to the big day. It is available for devices with Android system and is free.

6. Vera Wang on Weddings
Famous for its dresses, the designer Vera Wang offers an application that offers more than a thousand images of dresses, cakes, flowers and wedding parties to inspire brides during planning. The app also includes functions to manage tasks, mount guest list, gifts, and suppliers, monitor confirmations and organize the seating arrangements at the party. The application has version for iPhone and iPad, available for free on the App Store.

7. Weddings factory
The application manages 160 different tasks involving the wedding organization, and the documents necessary for the registry office or church, dress choice, decoration, guest lists and to the trousseau of the new house. The app is easily available for iPhone and iPad at the Apple Store.

8. Wedding Hairstyles


This app provides the best trending hairstyles for both for brides and grooms. The hairstyles include styles from short, long and medium cuts. The app lets you enjoy the best new ideas for your hair on your wedding.

9. iWedding Deluxe
With customizable screens this app lets you save photos with inspirations for decoration and to the list of songs in mp3 to show the party DJ. With a monthly checklist, the app helps you remember the tastings, visits to festivals houses, dress evidence, among other important dates that are part of the preparations. The Deluxe iWedding is available for iPhone and iPad for $ 5.99 in the Apple Store.

10. Wedding Countdown
Nothing seems better – or desperate – than do the countdown to your wedding. This application can even count the number of kisses and heart beats to date. Just not worth getting neurotic because of it. It is available for iPad and iPhone at the Apple Store.

11. LadyMarry Wedding Planner
Like lists? This application is the height of the organization. With it, you can check all your party suppliers, group your priorities, set fast actions such as sending SMS and calls to key personnel and services and integrate important maps to Google Maps. All you need to master the situation. The app is available for iPhone and iPad at the Apple Store

12. AppyCouple


With AppyCouple you can create application and website about your wedding ceremony. Also you can even share photos, maps and RVSP with the guest list. Guests view everything through an access code that is released after the registration of the wedding on the platform.

13. Married by Fernanda Floret
Available only for iOS, the application Marrying by Fernanda Floret, Bride Dressed blog, brings countdown wedding ceremony date, 170 task lists (which can add even more), completion percentage and the possibility of adding suppliers and folders photos on dress reference, bouquets, decorations, etc. In addition to these features, the application also features budget control spreadsheets, allowing you to have more control on what you are investing in your ceremony.

14. Wedding Budget
To keep track of the day, nothing is better than a personal assistant. With Wedding Budget, you can isolate every expense and keep yourself updated individually. Simply place your final budget and the portion allocated to each phase of preparation, as party, church, clothing and even the honeymoon. All of it is demonstrated with the aid of graphs. It is available for iPhone and iPad at the Apple Store.

15. Wedding Party
This app helps the couple to calculate the amount of food and drink required for a party. This is the best app to avoid waste and unnecessary expenses. It is easily available on android.

16. Fun Wedding
Available in iOS this is the most famous app for rocking your party. This will not let anyone sit in the party. This app entails a huge amount of songs from different decades and of different tones.

Planning is an integral part of wedding and related activities to be made these days and therefore it is important to form the initial understanding of what turns out to be this process to realize how important planning for this grand event is. The mentioned apps can really help the couples in all directions to arrange a wedding.

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