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Top 20 Apps to Plan and Manage Your Wedding

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Planning of a wedding does require a lot of hard work and commitment as it is a matter of fact that this day comes in a life of an every individual. Therefore, the wedding planning scenario has been changed to a significant level with the passage of time. This event is also assumed as the hint of actual life you will be spending with your life partner for the rest of your life. As a result, the importance of this event becomes more significant in this situation.


There are different kinds of wedding planning apps available out of which 20 apps are mentioned as follows:

1. Our Wedding Planner


This is the simplest app that has ever been developed in recent times as it helps in planning a memorable wedding. It allows the user to monitor and manage the guest lists including budget and suppliers all at one place. It is also helpful in providing a snapshot or insight about thebudget and at the same time guest list can be created by means of importing all the contacts from the phone.

2. Wedding Planner
It is also a free application in which there is a facility of managing and controlling the guest list along with the budget, suppliers and other relevant attributes. There are different kinds of screens available that can be watched after installing the app. These screens are guest screens, budget screens, vendor screens, and tasks screens as well. The vendor screen helps you to maintain the information regarding the vendors’ budget, venue and other important things. In this way, the decision-making process about the wedding becomes easy and effective.

3. Wedding Plandroid
This application is helpful and efficient for those couples who want to plan and arrange their wedding in the best manner. The services, which this application offer are quite remarkable as guest lists including pricing and suppliers could be maintained. At the same time, the budget allows you to have an idea for more than 100 wedding foods or items. The all tasks and activities that are related to wedding can be planned and their progress can also be evaluated.

4. Event Planner
This application offers the service of wedding planning along with other party or event planning. This app provides different sorts of features that are helpful in making your event or marriage successful and remarkable. In this way, different kinds of events can be organized as it allows the couple to manage and plan all tasks of a wedding in an efficient manner.

5. Wedding Decoration Ideas


This application is quite different from other wedding applications as it provides the idea of making a wedding memorable day of your life. Through the help of this application, different kinds of decoration ideas regarding wedding can be attained.

6. Wedding Organizer
This app is helpful in making an event of marriage remarkable and unforgettable; there is a feature of wedding organizer available that helps you to plan and manage each and every aspect or attribute of your wedding. The progress or performance of your wedding tasks or activities can also be evaluated.

7. Perfect Wedding Planner
This application is particularly designed and developed in order to plan and manage everything regarding marriage or wedding in an easiest and simplest manner. This application offers many other features such as vendors list, guest list, budget and other checklists.

8. Wedding Budget Controller
This application will suit your all tasks and activities of wedding because it has been developed in order to make an event or marriage successful under your desired budget. There could be many ideas utilized that can save handsome amount of money through this application.

9. Wedding Party
This application is specifically designed so that all the wedding photos can be stored and procured at one place. At the same time the guest can also exchange their images with the brides and grooms after installing the application. In this way, the people can also view their all moments of wedding in an efficient way.

10. Pronovias


This application is quite useful and result oriented in managing and planning each and every task of your wedding. This is helpful in accessing dressing room of the brides and at the same time wedding planner feature of this app is quite effective.

11. Universal Wish List & Gift Registry with Barcode Scanner
This is a kind of an app that is helpful in creating a wedding registry in which you can access different products from all around the world. The scanning of product is easily available so that a wish list can also be created.

12. Appy Couple
This app is meaningful for the entire technology lover as it provides the couples an opportunity through which the wedding day could become awesome and memorable. Wedding countdown is also included in this app so that it could add flair and value to your wedding.

13. The Knot Wedding Planner
This app is the perfect way of setting and organizing your wedding day as it includes the feature through which you can watch real wedding photos. It is helpful for all the couples before making a final decision about their wedding venues and arrangements.

14. Top Table Planner
This application is useful in developing your table plan as it offers the service of managing seating of tables at wedding places. The guest list can also be created through this app as well.

15. Tablerrr
It is an effective online seating tool that is helpful in making the seating arrangements according to your wishes. The guests can also be seated as per your own requirement as you can exercise your right so that every person in your wedding can be seated as per you own wish.

16. The Knot


This is the kind of an application in which there are different kinds of information available through which your all planning wants and demands can be easily fulfilled. You can have an idea about wedding dresses, caterers, suppliers, and much more.

17. IWedPlanner
It is a kind of an application that provides all the services of an event or wedding at one place. You can also find answers to your all wedding queries in a nice and appropriate manner. The feature of a calculator is also an attractive service through which numbers of guests and the actual budget can be calculated quite easily.

18. Wedding Happy
As the name suggests this app is helpful in making your event memorable and happier in so many way. Unlike other apps this app can easily work without having an internet connection and it offers all the features that you are looking for.

19. WeddingDj
It is one of the finest wedding apps that help you to plan which kind of music that should be played in your marriage. The different kinds of music are already so in this way you can customize and select the favorite music of your choice.

20. Dream Wedding Calculator
Through this app, the wedding budget including each and every aspect of marriage can be planned and managed in a proactive manner. The user will just have to answer some simple questions and in this way the price of the whole wedding can be estimated.

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