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Top 20 Virtual WiFi Router Software to Create WiFi Hotspot

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People using USB dongle modems to connect to the Internet but they can’t enjoy the same Internet on their smartphone devices. So, creating a WiFi hotspot through your computer is indeed the best, quick and easy approach to this.


I am going to present top 20 best free virtual router software to create WiFi hotspot. By using these virtual router software apps, you can easily convert your computer into a virtual WiFi router. Besides this, you can also share internet connection very easily with devices with WiFi option, like laptop, smart-phone, tablet, iPad, audio players and gaming systems. Behold the following virtual router software and decide which will be appropriate to create WiFi hotspot.

1. Maryfi
It’s free and most popular virtual router software in the world that can be used easily to create WiFi hotspot. This freeware is designed for Windows 7 , 8 and 8.1 computers, which will allow you to convert your PC into a virtual Wi-Fi router and share any Internet connection (WiFi, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular Card, LAN and so on)easily and quickly with other WiFi-based devices. A WiFi network adapter card in your PC is required to run Maryfi.

2. Connectify


It’s a fully featured freeware to transform your PC into areal WiFi hotspot. Once your Windows computer has been transformed by this relatively lightweight app, you can effortlessly share an internet connection with other devices with WiFi and the process of configuration can be done quite rapid pace. Installation of a WiFi network adapter card on your PC is necessary to use this freeware. You also need a physical router as an additional piece of hardware to easily connect unlimited WiFi devices. Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) is used by Connectify as an encryption method.

3. Virtual Router Manager
You can create wireless hotspot also by using Virtual Router Manager, which is a free and open source software based router application for computers. This freeware helps in wirelessly sharing any internet connection with any WiFi device. This software app requires installation of a WiFi network adapter card on your desktop or laptop so that you could run this. This freeware works just like a normal physical router. WPA2 as a security encryption is used by this app.Virtual Router Manager is very efficient and user-friendly, even if you are a beginner.

4. Mhotspot
Mhotspot is free and handy virtual router software that converts your laptop or desktop into a secure WiFi hotspot. You simply need installation of a WiFi network adapter card on then PC to use this software app. Multiple devices, like laptops, iPads, smartphones, tablets, etc. can be connected to WiFi connection by this freeware and up to 10 devices can be connected to the hotspot.

5. MyRouter


It is a free and convenient virtual router for your PC or laptop to convert it into a Virtual WiFi router. This freeware benefits from the Windows XP,7 or 2008, R2 Virtual WiFi technology and makes simple the sharing process of your internet with other WiFi compatible devices very securely and quickly.Various WiFi devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles are supported by this freeware. Wireless network card is required to be installed on your PC.

6. Virtual Router Simplicity
It’s free, simple and stable virtual router software and hence you can use it to convert your desktop or laptop into a wireless router. So, it helps in sharing any internet connection wirelessly with other devices with WiFi. Most interestingly, it requires zero configurations to create a virtual WiFi hotspot. It is very handy and portable application when you want to share the internet access through wireless without installation.

7. WiFi HotSpot Creator
WiFi Hotspot Creator is a free guide app which assists in creating Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer or laptop. This freeware also helps you in making WiFi access points on your PC through which you can easily transform your PC into a virtual router to connect with WiFi devices. In addition to this, this app has the feature by which you can set up the guest limit. It suggests that you can benefit from such a guest limit because by modification of the guest limit only a limited and selected users can access the WiFi hotspot you created.

8. MyPublicWiFi
It’s easy-to-use and free virtual router software that converts your computer into a WiFi wireless access point and/or hotspot. Your Internet can be surfed by any nearby portable WiFi devices through your sharing. This freeware is also a perfect solution for you to setup a temporary Wi-Fi hotspot at your home, in a hotel room,conference room,or the like. Your computer or laptop must be installed a wireless network adapter card to use this app. You can also use the MyPblicWiFi-Firewall with the aim of restricting user access to certain servers, while preventing the use of specific Internet services, such as file sharing programs. Another feature of this freeware is that you can record and track every single visited URL pages on your computer-generated WiFi-Hotspot.

9. Winhotspot
It’s a free and effective app creating a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot. This app is designed to let a number of WiFi smartphones, tablets, ipad and laptops to connect via a single Internet device (your laptop or computer) so as to fully capable of accessing the internet. Besides these, this app also facilitates you by providing security to your wireless internet connection by using WPA encryption method.

10. Wi-Host
It is free, easy-to-use and portable virtual router software app that converts your computer or laptop into WiFi hotspot to share internet connection. It is freeware for Windows Vista, 7 and 8, and through your created WiFi hotspot by using this freeware multiple portable Wi-Fi compatible devices can be connected with your shared Internet connection.

11. WiFispot


This virtual router software is for your PC or laptop available free. By using this easy-to-use app, you can turn your WiFi laptop/PC into a perfect virtual WiFi router, in order to share your internet connection with nearby smartphones, tables, gaming consoles, and various WiFi devices. This virtual router software has also the potential to enhance more the WiFi network’s range, while providing complete security to your WiFi connection by using WPA2.

12. MO Virtual Router
It is also a free and convenient virtual router software app that helps you in creating a WiFi point in Windows 8 computer or laptop. By using this freeware, you can create virtual WiFi points by quickly turn your desktop or laptop into a WiFi hotspot. Once you created, nearby WiFi mobile devices can be connected to WiFi network created or shared by you. Indeed, you can easily use this app in order to share your internet connection with nearby laptops, iPads, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and many other portable Wi-Fi compatible devices. You don’t need to install this freeware.

13. SDR Free Virtual WiFi Router
It is a free and user-friendly virtual router software program especially designed to turn your WiFi compatible laptop or computer into a wireless hotspot, so multiple users with WiFi devices nearby you can connect to your Internet connection. This freeware has a simple graphical user interface (GUI) and easy to use controls which make turning process of your WiFi computer into a WiFi wireless access point very simple and easy.

14. Virtual WiFi Router


It’s also a free, handy virtual router software app through which WiFi compatible PC or laptop can be turned into a Virtual WiFi router. Thus, multiple portable Wi-Fi compatible devices can be connected to your shared network connection. As usual, having a wireless WiFi network adapter card is necessary on your PC to run this app in order to create a WiFi hotspot.

15. Connectme – (Hotspot)
It’s a free, handy and open virtual router software program for computers having Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server 2008 R2. If you use Connectme, you can easily share your Internet through which nearby WiFi devices, like smartphones (Android Phone), iPad, Zune, tablets, Netbook, wireless printer, etc., can be connected. This freeware uses WPA2 encryption method, most secure wireless encryption,in order to protect your wireless network.

16. WiFi HotSpot Utility
WiFi HotSpot Utility is another virtual router software program for your WiFi computer or laptop, which is available at free of cost and very useful. This freeware is basically a convertor through which you can turn your PC into a Virtual WiFi router, so various WiFi devices could be connected by your shared network connection. Further, this freeware can only be used when you don’t have a physical WiFi router.

17. Perfect Hotspot
It is convenient virtual router software available free for your WiFi capable computer or laptop. It is a very simple and user-friendly app that enables you to turn your WiFi equipped PC to others WiFi capable devices, like tablets, wireless printers and cameras, smartphones, etc. You can easily convert your computer into a Wireless hotspot. A very simple interface is provided by this freeware where you just need to enter the connection name and password of Hostspot.

18. Virtual Router Plus
It’s free, useful and open source virtual router software for your PC or laptop running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This freeware is also used to create a virtual WiFi access point by turning your PC or laptop with MS Windows. You can quickly share your WiFi network with any nearby WiFi equipped tablets, iPad, smartphone, etc. Like other apps, this freeware also provides security to your WiFi network by using WPA2 encryption method.

19. My WiFi
A free and useful software based virtual route, this app assists in turning your WiFi equipped PC or laptop into your own public or private Wi-Fi hotspot. Just like WiFi HotSpot Utility, you can use this software with the aim of creating a WiFi hotspot in your PC if you don’t have a physical WiFi router. Multiple WiFi capable devices can be connected to your shared WiFi connection by using this freeware. This freeware can be used anywhere you want.

20. Free WiFi Hotspot
At last, Free WiFi Hotspot is also an efficient virtual router software available free for your WiFi equipped computer or laptop. This app helps in creating a WiFi access point on your computer and in sharing your WiFi network with other nearby devices. The physical router is not required by this freeware and it is main advantage of this app.

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