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5 Popular Windows Mobile Phone Apps Of 2014

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Windows phone is a relatively fresh mobile phone ecosystem and it is trying to make its presence felt in the market crowded with android and iOS devices. It is catching up with time and most of the essential apps have already made it to the app store of windows mobile.


The prominent developers have already found way to the windows app store and the popular apps and games are here as well. It is also serving as a good platform for new developers who might find it tough to gain popularity in the overcrowded android app store but are doing well here. Here are some of the best windows phone apps that were served to us so far this year.

Facebook Messenger
The Facebook messenger is a popular messaging client on android and iOS devices. It offers various features like stickers, photos and push notifications. Facebook announced that the app will be made available for the Windows Phone platform and it finally came out a few months back. While it isn’t as good as the one on android, it is still a pretty good messaging client to have. The group conversation feature is here which allows you to add people to a conversation and have a chat with all of them. You can allow sharing your location in your chats and also turning off this feature if you don’t want it.

The app runs very smooth on most windows phone devices and the interface is minimalistic. You can see who has received your messages and who has seen them already. The notifications can also be turned on or off. The contacts and conversation history are saved on your device as well. It is divided in two screens, ‘recent’ and ‘messenger’. The app is available for download via the windows phone app store.

Flipkart, India’s biggest online retailer has released the official app for windows phone. The app allows easy navigation through the stores and search for products on it. While the online retailer has got a mobile website, it is cumbersome to open the browser, type in the address and then browse through the store every time you need to access the store. The app allows for quick access along with a lot of features right at your fingertips. Flipkart has become quite popular and this app should gain popularity on this platform as well. You can make payments through the secure and reliable money handling systems and also track the status of your order using this app only.

Windows Reading List
This is another app that caught our attention. There are times when you want to read something that you come across on the internet but you are in the middle of something or you have to board a bus and you can’t. Or you found a video that you would like to watch on your laptop when you get back to your home. What would you do in such a case? Add a bookmark and then later when you get back home, type the entire address in the web browser on your laptop? Or maybe copy the link and email it to yourself?

The reading list comes to rescue. You can add bookmarks from any app or the internet explorer on your device to keep track of things you want to get back to. There is a windows reading list app available for multiple platforms which can be used to access the list and open the content. Then you can easily remove the content once you are done. Even if you have made a long list, there is an option to search for specific items in the list. The items in your list are displayed along with the origin of the link. The items can be categorized and then filtered according to the category. And if you find something very interesting, you can share it with your friends as well.

Split Pic
This is another cool app you can download on your windows phone. This app allows you to achieve crazy results using your photographs. The app divides your camera into multiple sections and then you can choose different layout for each section. You can choose to blend these images together or give it a new feel by creating contrast between photographs. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The best of the app is you can add images available in your library that you are willing to use that was captured by you earlier. Before taking a snap you can also select the layout as well as you can do the split bars adjustments. You can choose to blend the images into one another or retain the sharp contrast if that is yielding a good result. There is also a featured section which would give you some inspiration if you are out of idea.

Movie Moments
Are there any decent video editing apps on windows phone? No? Well you can change your answer now as movie moments allow you to do a lot of stuff with your videos. Most videos shot using the mobile camera need some work before you put them on YouTube or share on your facebook account. This app allows you to do all the stuff right on your mobile phone. You can trim parts of the video, add some captions in different styles, add music to it and then share it right from the app. They have included some music tracks that you can use with your videos or just choose a nice track from your collection. There are various styles available for the captions as well and they range from decent and serious to crazy and colourful. Though you would have to stick to one caption design per video and the music track you choose will always play from beginning. You would have to trim the music track beforehand if you want to use a specific part of the video. It is a relatively new app and sometimes finds it hard to handle very large files on low end devices but install it on a powerful device and it is butter smooth. The app has got very good ratings on the windows phone app store and is available for free.

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