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14 Online Tools to Create Your Own Comics

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When you are trying to be creative and ensure something innovative in your design and communication you often opt for a comic strip. The premise of comics is simple; they are character illustrations depicting a sequence or a scene consisting humor, storyline and a message. No comic is effective if it does not have a strong message along with a sense of humor. Whenever you are working on comics, you have the option to target different genres. It is all about exploring and being creative. Just like any other form of art, a comic strip can be as creative and imaginative as you can think of. The likes of Marvel and DC comics are some of the most successful ones that are a regular part of the media now and lots of movies have been made on them.


There are certain critical factors which are very important when it comes to delivering effective comics. One of the important factors is the understanding of your target audience. When it comes to comic timing and delivery, it is very important that you know the taste and humor level of your audience. If your audience has a low sense of understanding in terms of humor, then a highly intellectual, humorous comic might not do the job for you. So the first step to having good comics is understanding your audience.

The second important factor is to have a good plot or set-up for your comics, which will determine its characters and the sequences you create. Again, this is where your creativity and imagination will play a strong role in determining a strong delivery of the message as well as the temptation to read that comic strip. Now in order to do all this, you need to have a good designing sense and some tools for your assistance that can allow you to develop good characters and a perfect comic strip. Today’s blog will talk about 14 online tools that can instantly help you create your very own comics.

Witty Comics


If you are looking to create two character dialogues, then witty comics is an effective tool for your requirement. Witty Comics provides a simple platform for students to cleverly create strong two character sequences.

Artisan Cam
Artisan Cam is an amazing online tool which can be used for multipurpose while designing your comics. The tool provides you with a world of art activities and materials which can be used in designing your comics.’s Create Your Own Comic
When you are talking to your target audience who is interested in super heroes, then the’s online comic maker can help you create quick imaginative super heroes for your comic sequences. The’s comic creator is a simple online tool which does not require a lot of understanding while using it. You also get lots of different templates and designs within this tool, to further enhance your super hero comic designs.



Pixton is a tool along with a strong online community. It helps you to bring your imagination to reality by working along an automated designing template. Whether you are an artist or not, Pixton allows you a quick character drawing with its drag and drop tool. You can also sign up for the community which provides free insights and further downloadable materials that can be easily used.

Strip Generator
Strip Generator is like an open automated comic designing tool. It not only helps you develop strong characters through drawing, but also assists you in making quick comic strips by simply allowing you to drag and drop your ideas on an already functional designing template.

Write Comics
It is one of the basic on the go comic designing tools that can help you to work on developing comic strips for free. All you have to do is visit the website, select your theme background, then select your images for characters and finally add frames to complete your story.

Make Beliefs Comix


If you are looking to find templates and free backgrounds for your comic work, then Make Beliefs Comix is a very effective tool for you. The editing part of this tool allows you to adjust the look and size of each character you design and help make your comics more effective.

Be Funky
Be Funky is a free application tool to design comics, based on the photographs you have. You can simply turn your digital photos into comics by uploading them on this tool.

Chogger is a complete, comprehensive comic designing tool online. It helps you develop comic characters and pictures from scratch. You can also upload your already existing pictures or connect your webcam through this application and be more imaginative.

Toon Doo


Toon Doo has a hugely informed and comprehensive designing environment along with free online tools to create your comic characters. You can choose a range of different situations, backgrounds and characters that will help you create a good comic strip.

Comix I/O
Comix I/O is not your everyday comic tool. It integrates your knowledge of HTML programming with comic designing. The tool requires you to create HTML codes and upload them in order to work on comics rather than uploading images or backgrounds.

Garfield Comic Creator
If you are looking to design cartoon characters, then Garfield Comic Creator is one of the effective tools that you can have in order to make effective comics related to cartoons.

Comic Creator
Comic creator allows you to turn your digital photos onto online comic characters.

Comic Life
Comic life provides you with a free and open virtual environment where you can design your comic images and structures from scratch with the option to upload your own image and connect your camera.

Guest Author: Florence Max

Florence Max has been working in the comic department for over two years now and is highly experienced in this. Florence, besides her comics love, also has interests in providing help with assignment to students because of her affiliation with her college, as well as post frequent blogs on the website

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