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Top 13 Mobile Apps to Drastically Improve Your English

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Learning is Easier and Fun with Smartphones


The advent of smartphones and the inception of iOS and Android app development have made learning ever so fun and easy. People no longer need to run after short language courses or computer classes, etc. to satiate their academic or workplace needs.

The world of education is all in their hands. When the Ivy Leagues put their lectures on YouTube, thousands benefitted from the most brilliant minds in the world by just having an internet connection at home. Now as we live Steve Jobs’ dream, where there’s a computer in everyone’s hand, the access to even the deepest corners of education has become convenient.

During your free time, sitting on the sofa, take out your cell phone from your pocket and open a learning app, time will pass away in a jiffy and you would have learned your day’s lesson just like that!

Who says language is a barrier? In today’s world, it sure isn’t

Learning apps have brushed aside any language concerns. If you recall, early advertisements of Samsung Galaxy smartphones quite clearly marketed the concept of real time language translation. Then came the knowledge of apps. When people worldwide started developing apps, especially on Android platforms because Android gives real leverage to developers, they realized how fruitful it would be to bring education onto your fingertips. The learning apps followed. Initially they were really basic classroom exercise based, now as solid organizations came to the party, they focused attention on language. They knew, learning the language was a real necessity, especially English.

Apps in your app store which you never even knew

A few years back the English language teaching institutes were making real business in third world countries as students looked to the west for educational salvation. Now with smartphones in everyone’s hands, the apps are in everyone’s hands. You can learn any language you want, most of all English. Here are the apps you are dying to know about.

1. 50 languagesiOS App | Android App


Let’s begin with 50 languages. It has about a hundred different lessons which acquaint you with the vocabulary basics. The app is aimed at taking you step by step by first instilling a basic vocab framework within you and then taking you to the more complex concepts. Real world examples are the best feature of this resource. You learn how sentences can be used in a professional setting.

2. BusuuiOS App | Android App
This is the most widely used app in the market with over 50 million users.It includes extensive vocab practices and also has community discussion forums where you can create an account and chip in. The use of audiovisual resources also helps in learning quicker.

3. Duolingo – iOS App | Android App
This app provides the most interesting way of learning English. You play along a game, you get past levels and earn skill points. Here are some of the features:

  • Gaming environment
  • Speaking and listening along with translation
  • Track your progress
  • Just 20 minutes daily and you learn a lot

4. English with LingualeoiOS App | Android App
This app is inspired by the world renowned motivational conference organizers TED. Here are some of its features:

  • Over 200 TED lectures with subtitles
  • 7 trainings in game format for expanding vocabulary
  • 23 English grammar courses
  • Over 50 word kits with pictures and transcript

5. MemriseiOS App | Android App


Memrise is another app which works on community learning. Members of the community share their knowledge which the people can benefit from. It contains many English courses. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • 1000+ English language learning videos from native speakers
  • Exercises that increase vocab power
  • 100+ courses to make you well versed in English
  • Available in both platforms: iOS and Android

6. Open LanguageiOS App | Android App
Open Language is a thorough platform to learn English, catering to your own needs specifically. It determines your contemporary standing in English, then advises you to commence from one of the categories; Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advance.

7. Phrasalstein – iOS App | Android App
Don’t be scared of the name. In fact, this app is here to remove all your fears of the verbs used in phrases and sentences which you deem to be difficult. It’s a wonderful platform to annihilate any confusion regarding the meanings of different phrasal verbs.

8. VoxyiOS App | Android App
It is an interactive learning app with excellent self-study features and simple guides. Live classes are one of its major features.

9. SpeakingPal – iOS App | Android App
If you want to learn English quickly, then this app is your best bet. There’s a built-in speech recognition system which provides you a really convenient way to learn. You can track your progress and there’s a complete hierarchy of levels through which you move forward. Here are some of its features:

  • Feedback through speech recognition
  • Hundreds of fruitful videos and lectures
  • A variety of quizzes
  • Video characters

10. FluentUiOS App


FluentU introduces a new method of learning. They enjoin the participants to learn English through real world videos such as conferences, seminars, etc. Learning through real world examples acquaints you with the usage of words in life.

11. SentenceBuilderTeen – iOS App
This app particularly targets basic sentence construction. So if written fluency is your problem, then SentenceBuilderTeen is the way to go.

12. Fluent English Plus – Android App
This app serves as a hub for many different kinds of audio books. The focus here is on enhancing the speaking and listening skills. Fluent English Plus is a really handy app for all those wishing to take the TOEFL or the IELTS tests.

13. English Grammar Book – Android App
This is your walking Wren & Martin. This is your gateway to grasping the deepest concepts of English grammar. From subject verb agreement to active-passive sentences, your language skills will just keep getting better and better.

Guest Author: Ashley Albert

Ashley Albert is the writer of this post. She is an app developer and an expert in educational apps. She has experience of 5 years in field of App development and she also gives her suggestions and advice to EssayMania for language learning.

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