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How Online Banking Sites Mastered Their Web Design

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By now, most industries are well aware of the fact that more than half of the American population own a smartphone, and 36% of the same population owns a tablet. Last year, mobile device sales were actually significantly higher than desktop sales. But what does this mean for the financial industry?


Everyone has a website nowadays and banks are certainly no different. How a site is designed and the features that it has to offer can often mean the difference between success and failure on the internet. Websites should be appealing to the eye, but more importantly, be friendly to the user and have functional features. Read more…

User Experience Design UX: The Worst and the Best

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This is easily one of the most done-to-death topics in the good old web universe. This question is directed at all practicing web designers and developers or even app developers: How many times has the client or user told you that the UI of the app or front end of the website does not appeal to them? Depending upon your experience, you probably have lost count and that is alright in this case. No one can deny the importance a user friendly interface has on a project be it an app or a website.


The reason why this is being written is because professionals in all degrees have had trouble in nailing down the kind of design they want on their UX Read more…

10 Popular Web Design Trends You Should Follow in 2015

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Trends in web design change with time. With heavy growth of mobile and tablet usage, web design is transforming to serve these interfaces in a better way. We have seen the changes taking over in 2013 and 2014. Here are 10 trends that you can anticipate to rule 2015 and the years coming ahead.

Read more…

7 Things To Ask Before You Choose a Newbie Web Designer For Your Project

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As we write, the web is teeming with new businesses. The potential the Internet has for businesses of all sizes is evident. It’s a reality. It’s something that almost all-new business embrace by default.


At the heart of the exciting media that the Internet is, there lies the humble web designer. If you are in this business, you are likely to be looking for talent from a global talent pool. But who says talent and skill is all that you have to look at? The recruiting process a designer isn’t that different recruiting anyone else, but there are at least 7 specific things you’d need to look into: Read more…

5 Ways To Fuel Your Website By Integrating Geometric Design Elements

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Today, an online presence has become highly essential for almost every business. There are numerous benefits of boasting a successful presence over the Internet. A well-designed website can help one to drive potential customers and generate greater returns and profits along with an enhanced business value.


Hence, it is highly essential to maintain a trendy and captivating website by keeping it updated with the ever fluctuating web trends. A unique and interesting site when integrated with up-to-the-minute web designing styles will help create a lasting impact on the viewers. Read more…

How Mobile-Optimized Sites Can Help Boost Conversion Rate

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The emergence of Smartphones has revolutionized the mobile industry. It has defined an advanced way of communication along with myriads of useful features that have bought immense comfort and luxury to the users.


Gone are the days, when mobile phones were only used for communicating with others via simple text messages or voice calls; however, today, it can be observed that over 1.2 billion users access the Internet through their Smartphones. Moreover, the surveys have also depicted that a quarter of the total searches are made through mobiles and more than 15 percent of the global Internet usage is accounted by the mobile traffic. Hence, it’s clear that how imperative it is to create a mobile-optimized website. Read more…

Make Your eCommerce Store Reach Its Peak Performance with Magento

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For those who haven’t received the memo yet, Magento is the platform to go with when you are planning to build an online store. Launching an Ecommerce site unarguably is a decision accompanied with a lot of contemplation and a huge investment of time and money, as and when you decide to take the plunge. Thus, it is only imperative that the platform you choose to build the site upon gives you a free rein to be creative, and at the same time, aim for superior user experience. And Magento fits the bill right till the last thread.


On this date, Magento is unarguably the most sought-after content management system, used by a majority of Ecommerce website owners to lend their website an exceptional visual appeal and a dynamic set of functions. The question, however, for novices is: what makes Magento so good and so recommended? Read more…

Best E-Commerce Design of All the Time

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Finding the right design approaches and nailing the combination that delivers the best result for the web store owners is crucial in today’s competitive times. Generally, the three most important aspects for designing an ecommerce site are: Site Navigation, Product or Service page and the Checkout process.


Site Navigation is one of the most distinguished designing aspects for any ecommerce website. It allows the shoppers to navigate and find the information easily. Read more…

PSD to HTML – It’s Not Over Yet

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Website Designing has become a key point of concern among small and big enterprises which are looking ahead to build their online corporate portals. Over all these years, Adobe Photoshop has remained the number one choice of web designers engaged in building both simple as well as complex websites/e-commerce stores.


Well, with a lot being said about Adobe Photoshop, there are web designers who’ve chosen to convert their Photoshop designs into HTML. Looking at the current PSD to HTML workflow and its popularity, it won’t be wrong to say that the markup conversion hasn’t lost its significance over all these years. In this blog, I’ll walk you through some vital points that reflect the “Never Dieing” nature of PSD to HTML markup conversion process. Read more…

7 Top of the Line Web Design Trends for 2014

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Web designing is an ever-growing and ever-fluctuating industry that witnesses constant innovations and improvements every year. The creators of web designs are experimenting with the unique designing approaches to express their artistic vision for the things which “trending worldwide”. Once regarded as a platform for novices, the realm of web design has reached a level of maturity where strong aesthetics and functional appeal are the pillars which strengthen the presence of a website.


Over the last months, we have seen several designs emerging and dominating the web. And just like the last year, web designers have again come up with some hottest web designs with new visual approaches and elements that will continue to bloom throughout the year. Read more…

Wireframe Forms A Pivotal Part Of The Web Design Category With Other Uses Too

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Whenever the main area of concern is related with the website wireframe, then you are mostly going to focus towards the page schematic or the zone of screen blueprint. This can also be defined as a visual guide, which can help in representing the skeletal framework, which can be a part of the website. These are mostly created in order to deal with the purpose, associated with the arrangement of elements, which can also help in accomplishing any particular purpose. The main purpose is related with the information, associated with the objective business along with the creative idea. This area is also going to depict any sort of page layout along with the arrangement of the content of the website, which might include some navigation systems along with interface elements, and also to focus towards the ways, in which these perform.


Read more…

HTML5: Here to Stay

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If you haven’t started using the new HTML5, you have been missing out. Although it is true that, as a new program, HTML5 has yet to be accepted across all platforms and for all programs, there is little doubt that it will be sooner or later, it will be essential for websites. You should concentrate on becoming familiar with this type of web design coding if you plan on working in the fields of web design, graphic design, online development, and computer science.


In many ways, it is the most powerful yet simple coding language available on the market today. So in general, what separates the HTML5 coding language from its competitors and makes it a surefire tool of future web design? Read more…

Opportunities in Web Designing with Special Reference to Flash Player

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Web designing is a vast field that offers ample opportunities when it is about jobs and employments. From Adobe Flash Player to Flash Animators, you can choose from several options. The following post explores the domain of web designing with special reference to Flash player.


Web designing is a huge domain unto itself. Today, the domain offers ample career opportunities and willing individuals can actually carve out a proper careers for themselves in web designing. Jobs in web designing are ample and also challenging. If we delve a little deep into the various aspects of web designing, the domain offers ample tools that include Adobe, Flash and many more. Let’s focus on Adobe Flash Player for this particular content. Read more…

Few Web Design Practices to Leave Behind In 2013

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Designing website for the business is very important, because it gives unique identity to that business as well as you. As a professional web designer you should adapt yourself for the changing trends in the web designing field. Then only you can able to survive in the more competitive world.


When designing your website you should always consider the new trend which is available in the design world. If you can’t change your design accordance to the new trends simply you last your valuable customers.

In the year end of 2013 you should leave behind some of the old practices in the web designing. Read more…

The Best User Interface Design in a Responsive World

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The total number of visitors on the Internet has grown exponentially during the past decade and continues to increase as more devices become capable of browsing the Internet. While this means that more people are likely to visit any given website in the future, it also means that they will be more likely to visit any website you make on a device that may not necessarily be a computer.


As you may well be aware, that means that you have to plan for a device that is your typical 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio on a large (1440×900 or larger) resolution. It is extremely difficult to make one layout that works for every type of device that can browse your website. Even when you manage to make one type of layout, it is likely optimized for only one type of viewing device, such as a computer or a mobile browser. Read more…