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Top 20 Gadgets to Help You Relax and Ease Your Stress

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You have terrible migraines and your doctor doesn’t know where they come from. Some people get autoimmune disorders and the doctors cannot find an obvious physiological reason for them. Others get anxious. The response is always the same: “have you been stressed out lately?

best-gadgets-to-relax-ease-your- stress

Stress! It’s the ultimate serial killer of our time. Exposure to chronic stress may lead to cancer, heart disease, lung ailments, and many other diseases. We know about the risks. We understand how chronic stress is ruining our life. Are we doing something about it?

Let’s get something clear right from the start: you cannot cure stress. No matter how calm and strong you are, there will always be something to stress you out. If everyone around you acts cool and supportive, you’ll watch the news one day and that will be enough for you to start wondering: “Where is this world going? What are we doing wrong?” See? Stress.

The solution is not in suppressing your reactions to stress provokers. It’s all about finding the right way to deal with them. It’s about canalizing. You’ve probably tried the most commonly recommended stress-relieving techniques: yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Now, we are suggesting something different: gadgets.

1. Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank


This self-cleaning fish tank will keep your fish happy, but will also grow you organic food. The aquarium mimics the sounds and scenes of nature. There’s nothing more soothing and stress-relieving than nature itself. Big, fancy aquariums are great, but they are also hard to maintain. This little gadget keeps itself clean through the plant, which gets its nutrients from the fish waste. How cool is that?

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himalayan salt lamps clean and deodorize the air. They absorb water molecules from the environment along with particles of smoke, pollen, and dust. The clean water evaporates back, making the air cleaner and more enjoyable. These lamps are known for increasing energy levels and improving your mood and focus.

3. Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle, also known as the Executive Ball Clicker, is a great gadget to have in the office. You probably know how it works: when you pull a ball on one end away from the others and you releases, it sends the movement across the other balls; the last one starting a chain reaction in reverse. The smooth movement and relaxing clicking sounds can help you focus.

4. Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat


This massage pillow delivers an effective Shiatsu massage to your back. The warm sensation and massaging motions will help your whole body relax after a stressful day at work. Of course, it cannot replace a real massage, but it gives you similar effects to a professional massage, every single day.

5. Glantop Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief

In this set, you get a magnetic base and 160 stainless steel balls of different sizes. You can come up with endless combinations and figures that are not easy to make. This gadget will test and develop your patience and creativity.

6. Philips Wake-Up Light

The way you wake up is important, since it sets the track for the rest of your day. If the sound of your alarm stresses you out, you’re doing something wrong. Phillips Wake-Up Light lets you start the day with nature sounds that remind you of a beautiful sunrise. Don’t worry; roosters are not involved. Waking up gently from your sleep has deep psychological effects; it makes you happy for the rest of the day.

7. Executive Sandbox – A Day at the Beach


This one is about to make you smile. It’s a small box with sand and tiny beach items in it. When you’re under a lot of stress, play with this sandbox and remind yourself that you’re still a little kid deep inside. The feeling of pure joy and happiness will help you forget your troubles, even if that’s just for a moment.

8. MindSpa (Light/Sound Relaxation Device)

This unique gadget is designed to calm your mind by using specific sound frequencies. The sounds this device creates are comforting. It comes with various settings, so you can easily get the sound and light you prefer.

9. Lumbar Extender Back Stretcher

Okay, this one won’t work like magic if you don’t get active. It’s a gadget that supports your exercise routine by providing support for your back. As you stretch through different movements, you will feel how you’re improving the posture and flexibility of your spine. Stress is often accumulated in the back, so we feel stiffness and actual pain in the back muscles and the spine. With regular practice, this device can help us find relief from those consequences of stress.

10. HypnoCube


Symmetry, color, and rhythm have sensational effects on your mind. With this gadget that combines those three features, you can find stress-relief. It’s like an amazing light show in a small cube.

11. Hush Smart Earplugs

You can’t sleep well because the noises of traffic, parties, and people are distracting you? Maybe the quiet is bothering you? These earplugs produce soothing sounds like forest sounds, raindrops, and white noise for up to 8 hours.

12. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

When you’re standing on your feet for an entire day, they hurt. Especially if you’re a woman and you’re expected to wear high heels. That’s a torture that adds to the entire load of stress you’re bearing. You can’t get a professional foot massage every day, but you can have this gadget. It gives your feet shiatsu therapy and heated air massage, which will instantly make you more relaxed.

13. The Happy Company Therapeutic Head Massager


This head massager is made of copper, which is believed to have therapeutic properties. It works just like any other head massager you’ve seen – you put it on your head and start moving around the scalp and neck with the tiny fingertips. It’s a cheap device that does what it needs to do: relieving from stress and headaches.

14. Giant Smiley Gel Sensory Stress Ball

You remember those small stress balls we used to squeeze in one hand, right? Well, imagine them in XXL size and you get this nifty device. It’s filled with thousands of individual gel balls that dart around as you play with the giant ball. You suddenly start feeling like a happy kid. Stress? What’s was that?

15. StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device

This monitor shows the impact of breathing on your heart rate. In other words, it helps you practice breathing. You probably know some breathing techniques if you attended yoga classes, but do you know how they are affecting your bodily functions? This monitor will show you.

16. Baoding Balls

You place the two balls in one hand and continuously rotate them to exercise the hand itself. How is that a stress-reliever? The repetitive motion builds focus and alleviates stress. According to Chinese medicine, the fingertips are closely linked to the heart. When the Baoding Balls stimulate the fingertips, the pressure on the right points stimulates the central nervous system, reduces the blood pressure and improves the functions of the brain.

17. Large Chalkboard Wall Calendar Planner

When too many things are on your mind, stress becomes an inseparable part of your daily life. You feel like you’re going to implode from all those tasks and responsibilities that have you around your neck. The key to relief is proper organization. Yes, a calendar app can help you do that, but this big chalkboard organizer is much better because you can mount it to a wall and keep reminding yourself that there is enough time for everything.

18. Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker

You’re making decisions every minute. “Do I buy chocolate? Should I hire this candidate? Do I go to yoga class or do I rest? Should I read Kundera or Eco? What movie do I watch?” For some decisions, you can’t make a random choice and you have to consider all possible outcomes. However, there’s no need to scratch your head over each choice you make in your day. This is a magnetic device that makes the decisions for you. Move the ball and release it; it will stop above the right answer: yes, definitely, maybe, or no way.

19. Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball


Sometimes you’re so stressed out that you feel like punching the wall. Punching is a natural reaction, since you want to get all that negative energy out. Instead of punching walls, you can punch this ball.

20. Massage Chair

We saved the best for last. This gadget is expensive, but totally worth the money. It’s a high-tech chair that gives you a full body massage. It also comes with heat therapy for your back, which adds to the feeling of relaxation.

Look: these gadget won’t completely relieve you from stress. However, they will help you get relaxed and find some joy throughout your working day. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Guest Author: Julie Petersen

Julie Petersen is a founder of educational blog In her articles she provides advice for students, latest trends in technology and marketing tips.

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