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15 “Make Money Online” Scams to Avoid

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are NO high paying work-at-home “online” jobs. Even stay-at-home accountants that work online with their office in a bedroom are struggling to make “good” money. Repeat – There are no high paying online work-at-home jobs. Any advert that claims otherwise is lying to you.


There! You now know all you need to know in order to save you from being scammed online. If an advert claims you will have to work for cookie crumbs, then it is probably being honest. Read more…

Top 15 Uncommon Ways To Make Money As A Freelancer

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Starting a career as a freelancer can be confusing. There is no exact science to becoming successful. However, in one form or another it will require talent, skill and dedication. And everyone has his or her own attributes. We all have something to offer.


Whether you are looking to be your own boss or simply trying to make ends meet, there is likely a freelance opportunity available. There are plenty of new options with the advancement of technology and our online global communication. And there is a great satisfaction in the self-reliance that you will find as a freelancer. Read more…

20 Websites for Students to Make Big Money

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Being a student means being broke a lot of the time because juggling a job and studying at the same time can be super difficult! That’s why more and more students are finding alternative methods of making a few extra bucks whenever and wherever possible.


We’re really lucky to be living in this era, the digital era, because it’s never been easier for college students to earn some extra cash by hustling on the side. The internet means that students can work or earn money from anywhere and everywhere.
Here are the sites that could help you earn big money: Read more…

How to Start T-Shirt Business at Moderate Price

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Owning a brand identity along with the uplifted revenues is the exemplary need of all business owners. In order to fulfill this need, everyone endeavors to adopt the best ways or mediums. When the business need comes to the product or service promotion, then we all start pertaining to thought about quintessential solutions. Through, the web is a pool to find the appropriate solution, but time taken in this process is little high that no one wants to waste in searching. For the printing agencies, technology revolution matters a lot as it enhances the capabilities to attain quality outcomes and undoubtedly leads to success, if used astutely.


Fortunately, the printing market in current digital age is becoming more challenging day by day, where sustaining a reliable and top-ranked position is troublesome these days for any printing business owner. But, don’t worry, it does not mean that no one can achieve it successfully. Read more…

Top 30 Marketplaces to Sell Your Designs

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In this digital age, things right from themes to Plugins to Marketplaces are available at a click. This write-up is a list of e-marketplaces (WordPress themes included) that offer unbeatable options to web-designers, web-developers as well as to the geeks who are engaged in developing plugins, templates, banners, web-design creative logo designing, and more in a virtual marketplace.


Marketplace is one such virtual world where it is easy for people to buy & sell incredible themes for website designing, e-commerce templates, logo designing, graphic & art work, music & video, and much more. The ease of availability of such a virtual marketplace is an easy medium both for the sellers and the buyers to showcase their design or to buy the same. This write-up provides you information on marketplaces that includes WordPress themes, logo designing software, graphic work, and much more. Read more…

20 Ways to Make Big Money on Twitter

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With Twitter, everyone can share and let their followers know about their thoughts. Followers would then respond to tweets on their Twitter streams. Twitter users can reply or retweet favorite tweets they like. Nevertheless, Twitter is not just about sharing about personal experiences –it can also be used to earn money.


Listed below are 20 helpful ways in order to make big money on Twitter. Most of these examples are affiliate programs; a marketer must be clever enough to gain followers for large commissions. By being an affiliate, a marketer must create an interesting tweet so that people might get interested and click the tweeted links. Nevertheless, it is not an easy work; a marketer needs to be very patient because Twitter marketing can go well if a marketer learns first about affiliate programs. Read more…

Want to Sell Your Designs Online? Try These 12 E-Marketplaces

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E-marketplaces provide emerging designers a platform to sell their design work with the world. These marketplaces are basically virtual places that allow selling artwork of any type, including graphics, templates, images, music and many other digital products in the most efficient manner possible.


When selling designs online one of the biggest hurdles most of the designers have to face is getting the desired exposure. You may have launched your e-store for selling your artwork, but it becomes quite challenging to compete with hundreds of thousands of storefronts selling similar designs as yours. Read more…

20 Ways for Freelancers to Collaborate

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A freelancer works with a variety of clients. When you work as one, you need to be good at what you do. Besides that, the best way to attract more business is to collaborate with other freelancers. Many businesses are looking for a single place to get all the skills for their project. Collaboration really improves business prospects for the future.


Read more…

Top 13 Online Advertising Tools to Promote Online Business

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Experiencing an advertising burn-out? Well, maybe you need to find new ways to promote you awesome business! Hey, it has to be awesome enough to promote it, right? Quit using the old methods and find out the current best and most popular ways to promote your online goodies.


Luckily, you won’t have to approach the print media or a T.V. channel to promote your stuff for tons of precious funds. You could spend a lot of money on an online advertising campaign as well, but who needs to when you can do the job with just little or no spending?

Use these top 13 online advertising solutions that are currently the most popular methods to promote — and not so pricey either. Read more…

5 Ways to Earn Money Online As a College Student

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In this era of world, we can say that students or even children are smarter in keeping their educational activities continuous along with their sports and exercising activities. If you are one of those students having some extra time then why not to do online jobs in order to earn some extra amount of money at your home.


If you are, then you had just arrived in the right place because here in this post, we are going to share few best ways to make money from internet. Read more…

How Website / Mobile App Cloning Help You Become A Billionaire

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IT cloning is a concept of duplicating a technology idea that runs successfully around the world and launching it with smart marketing technique. This concept is not new but running from past a decade and getting popular nowadays. You might have seen many clones in daily life like Alibaba & Amazon, Whatsapp & Telegram, Youtube & Vimeo, Airbnb & Wimdu etc… all these applications/websites are very popular and generates revenue in billions.


People always look for something new and creative, technology changes every day, something new comes up and something dies in trash but growth of it is huge and will always be. Cloning of websites and applications are very common, if you just type “Clone websites” or more specific keywords like “Instagram Clone”, “Airbnb Clone”, “Etsy Clone” or “Groupon Clone” then you will find thousands of website related to it but only few are good. Read more…

8 Tips: Boosting Ad Revenue through Web Design’s Good Practices

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Online ad revenue has become the major source of revenue for many websites. Advertising is very profitable for websites that enjoy heavy traffic. Bloggers and various websites like news websites publish ads and generate enough income to provide a boost to their bottom line.


For most of the online businesses ad revenue is important for their success and hence website designers should be able to design and develop websites which can produce revenue. Proper ad optimisation, in terms of ad’s style, position and type, is must for revenue generation. Given below are some practices that can boost ad revenue when properly applied: Read more…

Internet-induced Income from Home-based Jobs

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With the staggering increase in the number of internet users and the array of options to earn from home, more people are looking to the internet where they can invest their potentials for an income.

Online jobs offer myriad choices among which a job seeker is able to choose based on his/her talents and interest- be it writing, marketing, entrepreneurship or tutoring. Such jobs have the unbeatable advantage of temporospatial flexibility with the obvious job principles, like punctuality and commitment. However, like every other new endeavour, the prospect of working from home in the absence of the conventional tangible work environment has been perceived with great dubiosity. Even though there exist a few fraudulent ones out there, the reliable and genuine jobs far exceed the former kind.


The sort of job you choose would vary according to your talent and requirement. Each individual is free to pick what ability they want to sell. Read more…

8 Killer Ways to Monetize your Personal Blog

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So you’ve recognized your creative writing skills and realized that you have it in you to become a blogger – Good! You already have a blog up and running and drive a decent traffic as well –That’s great! But, you’ve never reaped single revenue from all this .Well, not so great!


Why? Because, you have been missing out on a potential source of income by not monetizing your blog! Apart from being a good platform to share and disperse information, blogging is an effective way to make money as well. It is high time we realize that internet is a non-stop medium where the flow and lookout for information is perennial. So, providing the crucial bit of information at a price could make wonders for you. So, for those of you who aspire to make some cash out of your blog, here are some sure-fire tips. Read more…

10 Foolproof Ways to Monetize your Blog

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So you have a blog, but you are without a clue as to how you can make money out of it. If you had scanned the Internet before looking for the clue, chances are you may have seen hundreds of advices and guide books promising the sky, and that, within a short period. Do not get carried away by these tall claims. The advices may be good, but not the promises and over-night fortunes they claim you will get. Monetizing your blog is both time consuming and hard (read smart) work.


When you set out to monetize your blog, first check, if you meet some basic requirements, and if you don’t, then set your home right and begin your sojourn. Of all basic requirements, good readership for your blogs is a must. To bring in readership, you need to promote your blog and to promote, you need great content, and only great contents can bring in readers. The circle is now apparent.

When you do something as laborious as monetizing a blog, you will want to make them foolproof. That is understandable. Here are some simple ways to do it. When they work for veteran blog owners, there is no reason why it should not work for you as well. Read more…