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4 Essential WordPress Tips That Can Take Your Blog To The Next Level

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You made the big decision of joining the amazing blogosphere. Congratulations! You just took the first step into the most exciting and fast developing area of the Internet.


“In order to increase keyword rankings, traffic and online exposure, your company needs to be seen as a thought leader and one great way of doing that is through a company blog,” said one representative from the Palmetto Web design. Read more…

The Best User Interface Design in a Responsive World

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The total number of visitors on the Internet has grown exponentially during the past decade and continues to increase as more devices become capable of browsing the Internet. While this means that more people are likely to visit any given website in the future, it also means that they will be more likely to visit any website you make on a device that may not necessarily be a computer.


As you may well be aware, that means that you have to plan for a device that is your typical 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio on a large (1440×900 or larger) resolution. It is extremely difficult to make one layout that works for every type of device that can browse your website. Even when you manage to make one type of layout, it is likely optimized for only one type of viewing device, such as a computer or a mobile browser. Read more…

Breaking the Buzzword: What is a ‘Responsive’ Website and Why Does It Matter?

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The responsive website trend is taking the world by storm these days as the latest trend and it looks like it’s going to be here to stay. It’s not quite so widespread that it’s made it into the popular subconscious yet, but it probably will at some point. The point is, it’s a topic worth looking at in more detail to see what it means and whether it’s a guideline that’s worth using for your own site. Here are some of the ups and downs of the approach.


Read more…

Protect Your Kid from Online Dangers That Seems to Appear Constantly

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One of the first things most parents think about when it comes to their children phone use is how much are their kids responsible for the freedom these devices are giving them and will they stay within the boundaries you’ve set. Most kids think about phones as cool gadgets that let them always stay in touch with their friends and allow them to always have internet access.


Kids today are using their phones for gaming, texting and posting pictures or videos and commenting on them with friends that are sitting a few feet from them in the park. This is just the way they play these days, and like it or not they probably won’t change that. Even if you set some boundaries about how much your child can spend playing with its phone every day, as long as they use the phone for this harmless fun you shouldn’t have any concerns. But sometimes things can go beyond this and if you don’t act in time your kid can have some serious consequences or even become a victim of some online predator. Read more…

8 Tips to Speed Up Windows 7

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Over time computers seem to get slower, even with new processors like Windows 7 built in to them for speed and efficiency. This is due to the junk that accumulates on your hard drive and unnecessary programs that run in the background. Factory settings don’t do well as people use more of their computer’s memory and hard drive.


There are eight changes you can make in your computer settings to speed up your Windows 7 processor. Read more…

Technical Tricks: How To Protect Your Content From Plagiarizing, And What To Do If It Gets Stolen

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Plagiarism is a real plague of the today’s content marketing. Simply put, to plagiarize means to take someone else’s content and publish it as your own. Plagiarism not only cheats the original author of the credits for their work they deserve, it also presents direct financial damage for them.


If someone plagiarizes your work you posted online, they face several disadvantages that work against them rather than for them. These include: Read more…

Latest SEO Trends that Every Marketer Must Know

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It looks like as soon as we try to wrap our head on the Google’s latest update on its algorithm, another release will come into the world changing the game. And it is necessary for the people who are involved in the field of SEO must be well known about the updates as soon as it is launched. They should be up-to-date about the happenings all around the world of search engine optimization.


The SEO analysts must have in finger tips about the latest trends and updates in order to understand how the search engine ranks the content and the search engine marketers must recognize the high level trends which drive success marketing campaign. Read more…

Personality Traits of a Successful Blogger

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Blogger’s personality is the key to successful blogging. Observing top blogs and bloggers lets us define the most important personality traits that most successful bloggers share. See if you possess these qualities, because they will lead you along the road of blogging to the top.


None of successful bloggers got on top by luck or by occasion. Millions of blogs are out there today, but only a small percent of them are successful. It’s blogger’s personality that drives them up and leads their blogs to success. And what is most important, personality of bloggers is directly projected to their blogs.

A blog is a clear reflection of the blogger itself, with his or her good and bad traits. That’s why there are no two blogs alike as well as there are no two same people. All of them are unique with their own personal qualities. Yet there are some basic personal traits that most top bloggers share. That‘s what makes them successful as bloggers. Read more…

Google Spy: The Tool of Choice and the Spymaster’s Dream

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Google has been considered the best tool for spying, with the complete devices for spy needs to help achieve a spymaster’s dream. It has been revealed time and again that there are truths emanating from Google which implies that indeed there are several instances that it had been used as a platform to a hacking or spying activity whether privately, publicly or in government entities which may include political activities for some prominent personalities.


The Chairman of Google, Mr. Eric Schmidt’s had been notably quoted as “if you have something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it,” thing is just as synonymous to “do not use Google products and services, if you don’t want to be spied on.” Therefore, there is a hint of truth in these words, which can somewhat be alarming. Read more…

Monitor Business Running by Using Mobile Spy Technology

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Employers may be curious about the activities of employees while at work. These employers may think that their employees are wasting time talking with friends or giving confidential company information to other people through emails. If this is the case and employers would like to confirm their doubts about their employees, they will have to spy on the mobile phone that was assigned by the company to the employees. It is possible to know the activities of certain employees while at work without giving them the idea that they are being monitored. Employers will be able to view the exact text message and email that was sent by the employees as well as the number they dialed.


Since employees may have the tendency to misuse company property, such as mobile devices, it is advisable for employers to use mobile spying technology. Whenever employers feel that their employees are not using the devices properly or are imprudent in their use of company resources that may result to unwanted expenses, it would be essential to monitor how employees are using their mobile devices to collect evidence against them. Read more…

Top Axure Libraries & Widget Resources for Wireframing

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Axure is without a doubt one of the most popular tools today for wireframing and prototyping both websites and desktop software. When using Axure, users will make use of reusable elements called “widgets” – and the application itself comes with a basic set of these widget libraries pre-installed.


Not all users realize this at first, but there several quality resources at your disposal to help improve your wireframing efficiency and help improve the quality of your wireframes from the initial concept. These resources provide community and user submitted widget libraries (most available for free) which can extend your wireframing skills and really impress your clients. Read more…

9 WordPress Tips & Tricks to Re-Energize Your Blogs

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WordPress, from the start, is an easy, comprehensive spot to operate your blog. Mommy bloggers, small business owners and everyone in between rely on the advanced capabilities for effective content management WordPress offers. For a turbo boost, WordPress hosts a suite of plugins, themes, and other enhancements for everything from page design to improved SEO.


WordPress sites are easily customized, their support system comprehensive, and their platform befitting the array of other blog software and extras you’ll find within and outside of WordPress. Some bloggers and site managers have discovered accessories to set their corner of the web apart, those features you see on other bloggers’ pages and think, “hey, I want something like that!” Read more…

3 Best Websites to Find Lost or Stolen Camera

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You probably already know that there are quite a number of apps can be used to track lost smartphone. Through these apps, you can also retrieve important data and information stored in the phone even it has never been found again. While finding a lost smartphone sounds easy, what about digital camera? What would you do if your camera was stolen or if you’ve lost it somewhere?


Unlike smartphones, there are neither tracking apps designed for digital camera nor GPS receiver built in it. In the event that your camera goes missing, is there a hope you can get it back? The answer is yes. Just like your digital camera’s unique serial numbers, every photo taken with it has an EXIF data. So imagine if the thief posts photos taken with the camera on the web, this allows you to search such photos and track your camera down. Here are 3 awesome websites you can try to get your lost camera back. Good luck! Read more…

9 Things You Didn’t Know a BlackBerry Smartphone Could Do

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It’s not breaking news that BlackBerry phones can do a lot of things. Like many smartphones out there, they can serve as music players, calendars, web browsing devices, and just about anything else you can find an app for. Realistically however, most BlackBerry phones are not used to their full potential because their owners aren’t aware of all the cool things they can do.


When you really want to accomplish something in life, you have to use everything you have to the utmost extent of its power. The following are just a few things your Blackberry can do that you probably didn’t know about. Read more…

The Process of Handling The Magento WordPress Integration

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You must be aware of the fact that WordPress is the best for CMS, as well as for blogging websites. Magento is also considered the best for e-commerce. You use both of them together, as well as share the components including static blocks, navigation menus and cart data. In this situation, the Magento WordPress Integration (MWI) comes into play. You will be able to install, as well as configure MWI without any difficulty. At the same time, you can also get any type of block from the Magento store in the WordPress theme. You will also get the option to add the Magento products to the WordPress pages and posts.


Read more…